Go – No Go

Kelly and I set a March 20 start date for the Whole30, but work and life got in the way.  Actually, the biggest thing getting in the way is a meal plan that both of us can work with.  Kelly likes a quick morning shake, which is discouraged on the Whole30 plan.  And I like... Continue Reading →

Pre Whole30 and Already Tired of Eggs

This is frustrating because I really want to succeed on the Whole30. But so far in this week of trying to eat close to the Whole30 plan, I'm already tired of eating eggs.  I've tried twice to have the recommended portion of three eggs but couldn't finish them (which made the dog happy).  The salmon... Continue Reading →

No-fuss salmon cakes

Last night for dinner I made "no-fuss salmon cakes" from the Whole30 recipes, and they were so delicious!  I've been mostly vegetarian for several years, but I eat eggs and occasionally fish, so making that transition for the Whole30 program will be easy.  (One thing I never gave up was sushi.)  One of my goals... Continue Reading →

Whole30 Breakfast Ideas

Before starting Day 1, I want to have meal ideas ready and groceries on hand.  No excuses!  So I'm using these pages to organize my lists.  First list, breakfast! Use leftovers!  That's the first suggestion in the book. Spiralized hash brown potatoes, eggs over easy, salsa, avocado slices. (That was today's brunch - yummy!) Kitchen... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato Fried Rice

I'm trying new recipes as I get ready for the Whole30 program. I'm used to having rice, lentils, quinoa, and pasta so I bought a gadget to make spiral noodles. This turned out to be an awesome recipe! So delicious! It was inspired by a recipe in the Inspiralized recipe book.

Where to begin?

I started by buying the book, "It Starts With Food", but the whole program is available for free on the Whole 30 website. I want to know why I'm doing this and what to expect. I want to have everything in place (food, recipes, etc.) before I start day 1 because I plan to succeed... Continue Reading →

Why Whole30?

First, see my About page.  One of my favorite mentors, Brian Johnson, gave a review of the book "It Starts With Food" by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig.  Brian and his wife had been vegan for years, but decided to try this.  It resolved health issues for both of them.  I enjoyed his review and decided... Continue Reading →

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