Why Whole30?

First, see my About page.  One of my favorite mentors, Brian Johnson, gave a review of the book “It Starts With Food” by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig.  Brian and his wife had been vegan for years, but decided to try this.  It resolved health issues for both of them.  I enjoyed his review and decided to learn more.  I’ve done something similar to this (a detox) but this one is even more strict.  You eliminate completely for 30 days any foods that might cause issues in your body. What’s nice is that there are definite guidelines – no guessing.  No starving, no calorie counting.  You know what you have to do – for 30 days.  Then you slowly reintroduce the foods and see how you feel.  It’s that simple, or that hard – however you want to look at it.

I’ve had health problems, and no health insurance, so I can’t see a doctor.  But I’d much rather get healthy naturally.  So, first thing I did was buy the book.  I want to remember what I read, so it helps me if I take notes.  I might as well share those notes – so this blog was born.

Why am I doing this?  Because I believe it’s going to help me.  I’ve already seen some differences by eliminating just wheat and peanuts.  I’m excited and anxious to get started, but I want to understand it first.  I’m going to read the whole book and enter my notes here before I start an official Day 1.

Here’s my official first post for Babs Whole 30!  🙂  Hooray!


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