Pre Whole30 and Already Tired of Eggs

This is frustrating because I really want to succeed on the Whole30. But so far in this week of trying to eat close to the Whole30 plan, I’m already tired of eating eggs.  I’ve tried twice to have the recommended portion of three eggs but couldn’t finish them (which made the dog happy).  The salmon and tuna have been good, but I’m just not used to eating fish or eggs every day.  So now we’re searching for a happy medium.  I fully understand that Whole30 is not designed for vegans or vegetarians, but I like the basic concept of the program and still want to make it work.

My daughter Kelly is also vegetarian and we both want to do it.  When I first read about the Whole30 diet I immediately started to eliminate a few things from my diet, such as soy, grains, peanuts, and added sugar. With only those changes I’ve already seen some improvement with gut issues and I’ve lost weight.  But I’ve read so many testimonials from people about how dramatically their health changed, and I want that too!  There are health issues I’ve suffered with for years, and I’m anxious to see if food is at the root of them.  I have no doubt this can work.

So, our goal for this weekend is to come up with at least a week of meal plans, then we will be ready to start day 1.  Here’s my Whole30 Pinterest board where I’m saving recipes and links to good blogs like this one from Naturally Julia.  It helps to see how other vegetarians did it.


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