Go – No Go

Kelly and I set a March 20 start date for the Whole30, but work and life got in the way.  Actually, the biggest thing getting in the way is a meal plan that both of us can work with.  Kelly likes a quick morning shake, which is discouraged on the Whole30 plan.  And I like quick easy meals, which rarely happens on the Whole30 because most quick easy meals are not part of the plan.  The whole concept of the Whole30 is awesome – I’ve loved what I learned from “It Starts With Food” and I have no doubt that it can help me rule out certain foods that could be causing my health issues.

But bottom line – I’m feeling lazy.  And Kelly isn’t feeling good since we changed to some of the Whole30 basics.  So she’s going back to being mostly vegan.  And I’m starting over again with my studying to find a way to do this as mostly vegetarian.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  🙂  I’m not giving up!


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